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Try your hand at Paper Quilling

The Art of Paper Quilling

Paper Art – Quill Work

As an art form, paper quilling has existed for hundreds of years. There is a mention of quilling as early as the 18th century. In the Renaissance period, the nuns and monks used it as an alternative to gold filigree. The gold rimmed paper that would be left over from book making was rolled and used to make decorative things for the church. Later it was practiced by European ladies for home decoration. Lately, it has become a popular craft which can even be practiced by small children.

Quilling involves rolling thin strips of paper into a coil and then pinching it to get the desired shape. Once the shape is achieved, glue the strip so that it retains its shape. The paper strip can be rolled, looped, curled and twisted to get the right effect.

This craft is no longer just for the rich. If you wish to discover this art form, you can buy quilling sets from any craft shop and start exploring it. As compared to other art forms, quilling is easy to learn. You can watch a few videos online and get started. Also it is not expensive at all so you can experiment without worrying about making mistakes or going wrong. You can make a number of products with this process. The only limitation is your imagination. Amongst things than be popularly made are jewelry, boxes, greeting cards, picture frames, abstract art, flowers etc.

In jewelry, paper earrings are very popular. You can have something that matches with each and every dress in your wardrobe. Further the designs can be as simple or as complicated as you want them to be. Responding to such creative design challenge are many entrepreneurs who make quilled paper earrings. These are quick to make and cost very little to the maker.

qill earrings
Handcrafted Paper Quill Earrings

If you wish to buy quilled earrings online, you can visit CraftsandLooms. The site has a large collection of earrings and other jewelry made with different materials. Their catalogue of quilled earrings has a variety of unique and specially chosen pieces for all occasion. So whether it is daily wear or a special occasion or

Pink Paper Quill Earrings
Paper Quill Earrings

a party, you can stand out with your hand quilled ear rings. All you need to do is find the pair that perfectly teems up with your attire for the event and wait for the compliments.