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Home Décor With Antiques : An Insight

indian antique home decor

Decorating your home with beautiful antiques is an amazing idea but it is also hard to master. For getting the perfect plan in place, your first step is to group the antique items together. Analyze certain features of your home design that will help you to make the most of the available space and then you can start decorating it with antique pieces.

This article brings to you the best tips for interior antique designing, take a look:

Determine Your Objective: When it comes to interior design, it is important to make the most of it. Some amount of planning will go a long way for you. The best way for doing this is to sit down with a pen and a paper for organizing your thoughts. Think if you want to add antiques to the existing home décor design? You might be having some antiques that you would like to portray as the center of attraction for the room. Or maybe you want to target a specific color, mood or antique space for the room.

Think About Grouping The Antiques Together : One of the prime things that people like to know about antique home décor is to group the antiques together. The interior designers stress on grouping the antiques in odd numbers. Let’s see why that is important! If you have a cabinet with a top and a bottom shelf, group the items in an odd number of rows. Now envision if you had only two rows or envision how it will look if there were six rows? With just two rows, the shelf will look empty and with six rows, it might look over crowded.

Find Creative Uses For Common Antiques : This tip requires some creativity on your part. Here, it is important for you to think outside the box. Below mentioned is a list of creative and beautiful ideas for an antique home décor:

  • Use a vintage wooden mold as a stylish dresser organizer
  • An old poster can be framed on the wall along with a suitable frame design
  • Place your remote controls in an antique tin
  • Convert a tin bread box into a plant pot in the garden
  • Use glass, marble or metal door knobs and mount them on the wall for hanging pictures or cloths

Display Antiques Creatively

There are two amazing ways for portraying your antiques:

The first way is to utilize some other object for showcasing the antiques. Depending on your preference, you might use a cabinet or a frame. The second way is to display the antiques creatively by attracting attention to them. Call attention to your antique home décor with exclusive lighting. The light should be focused on the antique item.

You might also consider having special paint colors in the room for complimenting the antique home décor.

Use these easy and creative ways and proudly display your antiques. It takes a little thought and planning but through these ways, you will be able to create a beautiful antique home décor.

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