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Indian Handicrafts : Refining Homes And Lives

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Handicraft is the term given to the art pieces made by using the traditional methods and tools. It is characterized as an art form created with minimum use of machines or by not using the machines at all. Every civilization has witnessed the creation of handicrafts for many purposes. A certain set of people have started making handicrafts for getting royalty or for influencing people for trade and commerce. The Indus Valley Civilization in India saw the mass production of pottery and beads. The invention of design based techniques resulted in a great development in the production of metal handicrafts. The first metal to be discovered was copper and it was used for creating a wide range of artifacts. Similarly, gold, silver and iron products proved to be benchmarks in metallurgical advancements.

It was possible to make handicrafts in various mediums as well; grass crafts, stone crafts, paper crafts, wood crafts and textiles are some examples. There is a lot of variety of handicrafts created by combining more than one medium. Earlier, handicrafts were made for the purpose of utility. But when the utility purpose was successfully fulfilled, handicrafts were made for decorative purposes. Many handicrafts are now used for decoration of people’s favorite places like offices, homes, halls, gardens etc.

The textile and jewellery crafts are a prominent part of everyone’s lives. These crafts are now used in a highly advanced age and their trade has crossed the mark of multi-billion dollars. This has happened because many people all over the world have an inclination towards the Indian style of jewellery and interior decoration pieces.

Now-a-days handicrafts are one of the most important commodities for trade and commerce. The volume of trade is constantly increasing. In India, where there is a large portion of population involved in making the handicrafts, the popularity of handicrafts is going to make a remarkable change. Along with India, the countries like Thailand, Mexico, China, Indonesia and Bangladesh are prominent hubs of handicrafts as well. The economies of all these countries are getting a lift because of the commercialization of handicrafts on a large scale. As a large variety of handicrafts are offered in India, it can be said that the Indian handicrafts industry has made its mark and it is here to stay in the coming years.

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